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Jeffrey Bosworth

Fractional CMO

VP Sales & Marketing Trainer
& Chief Growth Officer

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Thank you for stopping by my web site! My passion in business has always been to work hard, achieve outlined goals, and over-deliver to my clients.

I have been fortunate to have had Senior Management and Fractional VP Sales, Fractional CMO, and Chief Growth Officer roles in Sales, Marketing & Operations. 

I’ve always had the responsibility for driving revenue and had to figure out a way to meet/exceed targeted goals, even in lean times.

If you’re seeking a Fractional VP Sales & CMO, SalesTrainer, Operations Consultant, Keynote Speaker (CRM, Marketing, Sales/Selling) and/or looking to pump-up your sales team to drive more revenue next quarter, please consider Contacting Jeff.

I appreciate your time and due diligence today; I do hope you’ll Schedule A Consultation with me!

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