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Jeffrey Bosworth – Senior Sales Trainer & Marketing Consultant – Helping SMB’s & B2B’s Grow Revenue

Thank you for stopping by my interim web site! My passion in business has always been to work hard, achieve outlined goals, and over-deliver to my clients.

I have been fortunate to have had Senior Management roles in Sales, Marketing & Operations. I’ve always been responsible for driving revenue, and always had to figure out a way to meet/exceed targeted goals, even in lean times.

Hiring a consultant can be a daunting task! Locating a professional that you connect with and will prove real value to your organization can be a tough decision.

I believe what differentiates me from other sales trainers, operations and marketing consultants are:

  • Outlining detailed and prioritized Sales & Marketing objectives with effective reporting.
  • Consistent and on-going communication with achievements and overcoming challenges.
  • Bringing a professional work ethic and true passion for every project I undertake.
If you’re seeking a Sales & Marketing Trainer, Operations Consultant, Keynote Speaker (CRM, Marketing, Sales/Selling) and/or looking to pump-up your sales team to drive more revenue, please consider Contacting Jeff.

I appreciate your time and due diligence today; I do hope you’ll Schedule A Consultation with me!

World-Class Sales, Marketing, and Operations Consulting Internationally

In a nutshell, my services are mostly based on devising a detailed plan together for growth. Sales, Marketing & Operations all need to work together to produce on-going results.

Not unlike a physician, I get to know you, your organization, and your goals. From there, we set realistic and achievable objectives and go to work on our plan for improvement.

I have been fortunate to have worked in numerous industries at C-Level as a consultant and as an Interim Executive. The lessons I have learned are invaluable and there are many more to come!
If you Contact Jeff, you can outline a bit of what you are looking for in the easy-to-fill-out form here on my web site. You will see my web site is secured with SSL and all entries are confidential. So, Schedule A Consultation while you are here today!

World-Class Sales & Marketing Operations Services

CRM Sales Training

CRM = Customer Relationship Management, Growing Revenue With The RIGHT Tools

The best sales trainers will train from a CRM perspective and teach their students/associates how powerful the data is with their leads and pipeline. There is no question about it, working in CRM is laborious and quite redundant.

But enterprise-level salespeople fully understand the power of each “touch” to each prospect and know that it’s the on-going consistency of these “touches” is what will eventually make them successful.

I offer definitive ToolsTraining& Techniques to every team of salespeople I work with. I’ve defined a system that works but will only work if someone actually does the work! I have personally witnessed junior salespeople become enterprise-level salespeople by deploying a system of work ethic, gumption, and passion for their brand.

I have worked with numerous CRM’s: Goldmine, ACT!, Salesforce, HubSpot, ZoHo, PipeDrive, SugarCRM, and a few others. They all pretty much work the same, what goes in, details what comes out!

I can help your organization create a sales mantra in CRM that is fun and engaging for your salespeople, but also provide the detailed pipeline reports your management team needs to forecast and account with.

So, Schedule A Consultation while you are here today! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team and substantiate the value of my CRM & Sales Training services.

Woodshed Workshops™

Woodshed Workshops™ – Team Building, Operational Strategy, Focused Growth Objectives

It was a quite few years ago in the early nineties when I was the Vice President of Sales & Operations for a fuel oil and HVAC firm in New England. We were acquiring other companies at a very rapid rate and bringing on numerous new associates to serve our customer base. We were simply not communicating effectively between departments.

My thought process was that if we got everyone together for a day, we could effectively communicate our issues to one another and create a plan to work together more systematically moving forward.

And the Woodshed Workshops™ were born!

My Woodshed Workshops™ have proven to be the most motivational marketing tools for growing companies. We will inspire everyone on your team to carry out the company’s sales, marketing, and operational objectives by learning:

  • How all your departments (teams), both offensive and defensive, can work together in a mutually beneficial atmosphere, and how each team affects the bottom-line and the revenue stream!
  • How to market effectively, and proactively communicate with prospective/existing customers about “what’s in it for them?” increasing recurring revenue and referrals.
  • The Full-Circle Effect - How to set objective task listings that motivate, inspire, and help your team complete projects on or before the time they are due.
  • The importance of a company-wide mantra for increasing sales!
  • How to implement an incredible sales and marketing plan that will have your competition scratching their heads!
  • How much FUN it can be to go to work when you have a team of people all pulling in the same direction with the same goals to achieve!

Marketing Automation

Marketing Augmenting The Sales Process – The Most Proactive Companies Deploy It!

To augment your sales and CRM efforts with Marketing Automation is downright brilliant! I am fortunate to have a Marketing and Business Degree from UMASS Dartmouth and also been able to uses it my entire career!

When I got involved in the Internet sector in 1996, I ended up having to write and aggregate most/all of the content for dozens and dozens of web sites that I sold to B2B clients.
Still, to this day, I enjoy copywriting, keyword optimization, and creating various other web “assets” (landing pages, white papers, blogs, e-mails etc.) and more to keep potential clients engaged with a brand.
There are numerous Marketing Automation platforms available today and I have been fortunate to have used: Marketo, Act-On, Hub-Spot, Vendasta, SharpSpring, Pardot, ActiveCampaign and others. They all have their own unique qualities and are built to augment the sales process.

The rest is up to us to create the engaging content that prospects need to make an educated decision on what solution they are seeking.

If you Contact Jeff, you can outline a bit of what you are looking for in the easy-to-fill-out form here on my web site.

You will see my web site is secured with SSL and all entries are confidential. So, Schedule A Consultation while you are here today!

Internet Marketing/Web Sites

Comprehensive Web Site and Internet Marketing Services – Jeffrey Bosworth

In 1996, I was extremely fortunate to get involved in the Internet business. Not only from a connection (Dial-Up, ISDN, T1 etc.) business offering, but from a Web Development one, as well. As an ISP, we sold web sites to all sorts of businesses looking to get a leg-up on the Internet. And I loved it.

And I still do today. I created a process called Concept & Development which is similar to the process of building a new home. Clients pay us an architectural and engineering fee and we create documents that outline every aspect of their web site BEFORE we started to build it.
This gave them comfort in the budgeting process, and it helped us from digging ourselves a hole with what we call “scope-creep”. 
It’s a mutually beneficial process and we’re able to produce world-class web sites in most cases within 4-6 weeks by writing and aggregating every bit of copy and content the site requires.

And then we’re tasked to market them from an SEO, PPC, E-Mail, Social, Conte, Affiliate, Reputation, and Influencer marketing perspective with a detailed plan through Marketing Automation.

So, if you’re looking for some suggestions, advise, and or direction on your Web Site and Internet Marketing needs, please Schedule A Consultation. It is a true passion of mine to help companies grow more CONVERSIONS!

Speaking Engagements

Hire A Proactive & Genuine Sales, Marketing & Operations Speaker For Your Next Event

I am fortunate to be booked regularly for speaking engagements to business owners, B2B salespeople, business/focus groups and companies looking to take their sales/revenue to another level each quarter.

My parents taught me to be genuine and humble, but also proactive and driven. When I do get the chance to speak, I like to be as straightforward as they come, but also not modest and egotistical whatsoever. There is a balance, and I enjoy helping others more than I would ever like speaking about myself.

Again, please, you don’t have to take my word for it! I have numerous professional references I can provide from clients, business associates and enterprise-level sales and marketing people I have been fortunate to work with.

Please consider Contacting Jeff, we’ll execute a mutual NDA and I’ll send over my references. I do appreciate your time and due diligence. Please Schedule A Consultation while you are here today!

I have worked in great industries as:

  Managed Hosting
  and many more

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Thanks for stopping by today! I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and your team about some of your Sales, Marketing & Operational needs. Please fill out the form below and I will be back with you in 24-48 hours. All entries are secure with SSL and directed privately to me.
Jeffrey Bosworth
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