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What Does Fractional Mean in Business?

If you look up the definition of fractional, its term means:

  1. relatively small; inconsiderable; insignificant
  2. of or relating to a fraction;
  3. Part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety.

Old vs New

Many companies use the term “interim”. Interim managers are generally ones who are hired full-time but come in for a certain amount of time. But when you look up the term “fractional” when it is used for Fractional CGO, Fractional VP Sales, Fractional CRO, and others, those definitions hardly apply. The term “fractional” in business is relatively new, maybe 5 years or less.

I believe in business the word Fractional applies in terms of time and budget.

How a Fractional Executive Can Help Business

Many start-ups, companies looking to grow with smaller budgets, and some firms seeking equity, seek executives to come in and assist with their growth plans. Fractional Sales, Marketing, and Operational executives can quickly assess a company's needs and develop strategies to address them.

We can provide results in less time than a full-time executive, who requires more time to get up to speed with your company's operations and culture. In most cases, “we’ve been there, done that”.

Fractional Marketing

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) leads the charge to help create a realistic marketing game plan, execute it, and track its effectiveness. As a seasoned CMO, I focus on:

  • Executing marketing plans
  • Partner relationship building
  • Effective marketing processes
  • Sales pipeline development (CRM)
  • and much more

With all aspects of marketing in mind, developing a game plan that is realistic and will produce conversions is what Fractional CMOs do best.

This is where my true passion resides.

Fractional Sales

A fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) or Fractional VP of Sales is completely focused on building and maintaining top-level sales processes within an organization. These focus topics include:

  • CRM, Sales Tools (E-Mail, Voice Mail Scripts, Presentation Decks etc.),
  • Pipeline Reports,
  • Market Analysis,
  • Prospecting
  • and much more.

Seasoned in sales, my priority is to provide sales, revenue, and business advice. I help formulate effective sales strategies, enjoy managing the sales culture, and pipeline revenue. I provide effective mentorship to members of your sales team, and outline processes for performance improvement in CRM, all while building a sales accountability playbook. This reduces turnover, and hiring the right team to monetize the brand. Sounds like fun, right?

Fractional Revenue

A fractional Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is a strategic consultant who helps businesses optimize revenue generation and growth strategies. In this role, I've overseen:

  • Sales and Marketing teams
  • created a culture of accountability
  • coaching and mentoring training programs
  • and revenue-generating strategies

We can also oversee and optimize all revenue-generating activities within a company. These may include sales, pricing, marketing, and customer support, to maximize revenue, grow marketing conversions, and drive business growth through effective selling and CRM strategies and operations.


The model delivers expertise and results without the commitment and expense of a full-time hire. Whether you're a startup navigating early growth, an established company facing new challenges, or a firm seeking seasoned guidance without breaking the bank, fractional executives offer the flexibility and focused skills you need. This trend isn't a fad – it's a smart, scalable solution for the modern business landscape.

Ready to explore how a fractional CMO, CSO, or CRO could power up your business? Let's talk! Click here for a free consultation and discover the advantages.

I’d enjoy speaking with you about your organization's goals!


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