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The best sales trainers will train sales teams with a sales process from a CRM software perspective. They will teach their sales reps how powerful the data is with their leads and pipeline. There is no question about it, working in CRM is laborious and quite redundant.

But enterprise-level salespeople fully understand the power of each “touch” to each prospect and know that it’s the on-going consistency of these “touches” is what will eventually make them successful.

I offer definitive Tools, Training, & Techniques to every sales team I work with. I’ve defined a system that works but will only work if someone actually does the work! I have personally witnessed junior salespeople become enterprise-level salespeople by deploying a system of work ethic, gumption, and passion for their brand.

I have worked with numerous CRM tools as well as gained practical CRM skills and CRM knowledge with Goldmine, ACT!, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, ZoHo, PipeDrive, SugarCRM, and a few others. They all pretty much work the same, customer data is what goes in, sales data is what comes out!

I can help your organization create a sales mantra in CRM that is fun and engaging for your sales team, but also provide the detailed pipeline reports your management team needs to forecast and account with to make business decisions.

So, Schedule A Consultation while you are here today! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team and substantiate the value of my CRM & Sales Training services.


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