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CRM = Customer Relationship Management, Growing Revenue With The RIGHT Tools

The best sales trainers will train from a CRM perspective and teach their students/associates how powerful the data is with their leads and pipeline. There is no question about it, working in CRM is laborious and quite redundant.

But enterprise-level salespeople fully understand the power of each “touch” to each prospect and know that it’s the on-going consistency of these “touches” is what will eventually make them successful.

I offer definitive Tools, Training, & Techniques to every team of salespeople I work with. I’ve defined a system that works but will only work if someone actually does the work! I have personally witnessed junior salespeople become enterprise-level salespeople by deploying a system of work ethic, gumption, and passion for their brand.

I have worked with numerous CRM’s: Goldmine, ACT!, Salesforce, HubSpot, ZoHo, PipeDrive, SugarCRM, and a few others. They all pretty much work the same, what goes in, details what comes out!

I can help your organization create a sales mantra in CRM that is fun and engaging for your salespeople, but also provide the detailed pipeline reports your management team needs to forecast and account with.

So, Schedule A Consultation while you are here today! I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team and substantiate the value of my CRM & Sales Training services.


Sales, Sales Training, CRM in a Karmic Fashion!

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