Fractional VP Sales

Great Sales Managers motivate, inspire, and develop salespeople to want to sell MORE!

Over the years, start-up firms, and private equity groups have engaged me in creating and implementing sales strategy, sales processes and plans, and launching CRM systems (Salesforce, Zoho, PipeDrive, Goldmine, Hubspot, Dynamics 365 and many others).

What has differentiated me in the Fractional VP Sales space, is that I take quite the initiative to create the marketing strategy with the Tools Training, and Technique for all levels of salespeople to monetize the brand they are employed by.
My method of showing salespeople their Power of Pipeline in CRM and collaborating on the creation of all sales tools (voicemail & e-mail scripts, landing pages, PDF’s, PowerPoint decks, the usage of numerous software selling tools and much more) has helped them meet/exceed their revenue targets.

I have numerous examples I can share, because closing and winning with salespeople is still the best! And everyone in the organization likes it too! Contact Me to learn more while you are here today!


Sales, Sales Training, CRM in a Karmic Fashion!

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Hiring a Fractional CMO, Fractional VP Sales, Sales Trainer and/or Chief Growth Officer can be a daunting task! Locating a professional that you connect with, and will prove real value to your organization can be a tough decision. Schedule a consultation with Jeff to see if he's a good fit to help you reach your business goals.
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