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Jeffrey Bosworth – Professional Sales, Marketing & Operations Trainer & Consultant 

Hiring a Fractional CMO,Double-click to edit link text. Fractional VP Sales, Sales Trainer and/or Chief Growth Officer, can be a daunting task! 

Locating a professional that you connect with and will prove real value to your organization can be a tough decision.

I believe what differentiates me from other sales trainers, operations and marketing consultants are:
Outlining detailed and prioritized objectives with effective reporting.
Consistent and on-going communication with achievements and overcoming challenges.
Bringing a professional work ethic and true passion for every project I undertake.
Success comes in various forms, and to me it’s helping others succeed in a genuine manner and generating a return-on-investment for my clients. I understand the value of creating and implementing sales and marketing systems that work together to drive “conversions” and recurring revenue. As it should be, it tends to be the benchmark by what we are all measured on these days in business!

And you don’t have to take my word for it! I have numerous professional references I can provide from clients, business associates and enterprise-level sales and marketing people I have been fortunate to work with.

Please consider Contacting Jeff, we’ll execute a mutual NDA and I’ll send over my references. I do appreciate your time and due diligence. Please Schedule A Consultation while you are here today!


Sales, Sales Training, CRM in a Karmic Fashion!

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Hiring a Fractional CMO, Fractional VP Sales, Sales Trainer and/or Chief Growth Officer can be a daunting task! Locating a professional that you connect with, and will prove real value to your organization can be a tough decision. Schedule a consultation with Jeff to see if he's a good fit to help you reach your business goals.
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