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Woodshed Workshops™ – Team Building, Operational Strategy, Focused Growth Objectives

It was a quite few years ago in the early nineties when I was the Vice President of Sales & Operations for a fuel oil and HVAC firm in New England. We were acquiring other companies at a very rapid rate and bringing on numerous new associates to serve our customer base. We were simply not communicating effectively between departments.

My thought process was that if we got everyone together for a day, we could effectively communicate our issues to one another and create a plan to work together more systematically moving forward.

And the Woodshed Workshops™ were born!

My Woodshed Workshops™ have proven to be the most motivational marketing tools for growing companies. We will inspire everyone on your team to carry out the company’s sales, marketing, and operational objectives by learning:

  • How all your departments (teams), both offensive and defensive, can work together in a mutually beneficial atmosphere, and how each team affects the bottom-line and the revenue stream!

  • How to market effectively, and proactively communicate with prospective/existing customers about “what’s in it for them?” increasing recurring revenue and referrals.

  • The Full-Circle Effect - How to set objective task listings that motivate, inspire, and help your team complete projects on or before the time they are due.

  • The importance of a company-wide mantra for increasing sales!

  • How to implement an incredible sales and marketing plan that will have your competition scratching their heads!

  • How much FUN it can be to go to work when you have a team of people all pulling in the same direction with the same goals to achieve!
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