He built our website which has attracted hundreds of thousands of visits, and he conducted several seminars for our company that were very well received.
Jerry RossNational Entrepreneur Center
Jeff was instrumental in several initiatives. He was responsible for putting together a team that increased sales beyond forecasts, developed an amazing team, developed and implemented strategies for maximum exposure for leads, and with his insights and expertise was able to help revamp the company website which resulted in an unheard-of bounce rate (single digits).
Scott ParkerWND (World Net Daily)
I have the opportunity to partner with Jeff on dozens of assignments and projects over the last decade in as many capacities. We've served on NFP boards, started ventures, dragged resistant entrepreneurs to their senses, broken bread and enjoyed a few beers. Never have I seen Jeff lose his characteristic good humor and faith in others. Sure, he chuckles about human nature - his talents lie in knowing how help companies grow, making the heart soar or helping someone feel good, even if they don't know how or why. He's just a magical guy all the way around. And from the first time I met Jeff over ten years ago, I knew, even then, he'd come get me if my car had a flat tire. He's one of those guys. I'm glad his number is in my cell phone.
Carrie Duval DavisFirst & Main Business Brokers
Jeff is an incredibly knowledgeable individual when it comes to sales and marketing strategy. I've seen first had, the level of success that his programs have achieved and can say both the speed and ROI were faster than anything I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Jeff is an extremely passionate individual and this toward not only results, but his team. He understands the physique of the members of his team, which allows him to get the best out of each member. Additionally, his demeanor and compassion endear him to each person so that they are further driven to perform at a very high level. Jeff is very driven. Whether building an entire company or a single relationship, Jeff has the skills, knowledge, compassion, and perseverance to get to the end goal.
Gary MollereInterim CEO 24/7
Jeff is very passionate and brings great energy to all that he takes on. While he has very strong people skills, it is his ability to bring that passion and energy to direct business needs which really sets him apart. He has the ability to look at complex business problems and bring viable, working solutions to any issue he may face.
Michael TorresNovatus Contract Management
I have worked with Jeff for many years in varying capacities and have known him to be passionate about his work. His integrity and work ethic is exemplary. His philosophy on effective web development and web presence has greatly influenced my belief and practice. You cannot go wrong by engaging Jeff for sales, marketing and web projects.
Bill LeanMPInet/Durocom
Jeff is an all round great person to know. I have worked with him as a client, a service provider, and alongside him with other clients. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
Mike StephensonNubuware
In a matter of 9 to 12 months, Jeff completely turned around an organization that until then struggled to generate more than a couple million dollars per year. He assembled and trained an amazing team, instituted a powerful marketing program, and generated a $20M+ pipeline in this short period of time. He also more than doubled their biggest year revenue wise, converted the sales to a recurring model and set them on a path to generate in excess of $10M annually within another 12 months.
Ryan TohillNovatus Contract Management
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