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To continually improve a SaaS brand, it takes work ethic, gumption, passion, professionalism, and an in-depth knowledge of your competitors within the industry. Here are just a few pointers I always suggest to C-Level executives seeking growth and recurring revenue:

Leadership Saas Skills for Sales

Marketing Automation

Use the tools today to create a “buzz-about-your-brand”. Marketing Automation tools are much more robust and cost-effective these days. Plus, your sales & marketing teams can work together to track a prospect’s journey in CRM consistently every time. Some SaaS proposals can take 3-12 months (some even more), and consistently “touching” your prospects with your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is essential.


Embrace CRM like it is the lifeblood of your organization. Because it is. Be sure your salespeople have the tools, training, and techniques to manage their pipeline and close deals. True salespeople want help in CRM and want to know the value of their pipeline because they want their commissions. Motivate and inspire them by holding them accountable in CRM. This gives your team what they need to be effective in selling.


I personally believe that less than 2% of the workforce are truly core salespeople. Hunters, that are hungry to close. The best of the best are hard to find, but there are diamonds in the rough out there. Hiring, motivating, and inspiring them can be a challenge if you hire the wrong people. Give them the selling expectations and numbers up-front, and constantly take the pulse of their activity in CRM.

Wisdom from Experience

In early 1997, I was truly fortunate to have been part of a Senior Management group for an ISP (Internet Service Provider). A couple of years later we leased some additional space in our complex and built a Managed Hosting & Application Center.

We configured the servers, assisted with software installations, and rented space and access to our pipe (Internet). We were extremely enthusiastic about marketing and sales and hired and trained a team of seven enterprise-level salespeople.

This was SaaS (Software as a Service) back then, and we sold out of our space within about 18 months. We built a great brand and were tasked to monetize the brand by private equity. We needed to be effective sellers, and we were.

Since then I have been fortunate to lead SaaS Sales Teams in Contract Management, Structural Engineering Software, Media Placement, and Job Boards. I have consulted other brands in other industries as well.

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