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In 1996, I was extremely fortunate to get involved in the Internet business. Not only from a connection (Dial-Up, ISDN, T1 etc.) business offering, but from a Web Development one, as well. As an ISP, we sold web sites to all sorts of businesses looking to get a leg-up on the Internet. And I loved it.

And I still do today. I created a process called Concept & Development which is similar to the process of building a new home. Clients pay us an architectural and engineering fee and we create documents that outline every aspect of their web site BEFORE we started to build it.
This gave them comfort in the budgeting process, and it helped us from digging ourselves a hole with what we call “scope-creep”. It’s a mutually beneficial process and we’re able to produce world-class web sites in most cases within 4-6 weeks by writing and aggregating every bit of copy and content the site requires.

And then we’re tasked to market them from an SEO, PPC, E-Mail, Social, Affiliate, Reputation, and Influencer marketing perspective with a detailed plan through Marketing Automation.

So, if you’re looking for some suggestions, advise, and or direction on your Web Site and Internet Marketing needs, please Schedule A Consultation. It is a true passion of mine to help companies grow more CONVERSIONS!


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