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Business Silos: Ways To Break Them Down

I have often asked enterprise-level salespeople if marketing was working to support them and their selling efforts. It surprises me each time I hear “no”. The departments seem to be in business silos next to each other, and ultimately not supporting each other. Not in every organization, but many.

With SaaS Software, most groups are prioritizing revenue over time. But more often than not, I have seen some brilliant people not working together for the same objectives. They have unfortunately created business silos. Marketing’s continual goal should be “conversions” and Sales’ ultimate goal should be “closing”. To break down the silos they both should consistently be focused on recurring revenue and valuation.

Using The Tools

With today’s incredible access to Saas programs, Data Identity Resolution, Marketing Automation, and CRM tools, proactive companies can identify prospects in the market for their products and services. Then feed those leads directly into CRM for salespeople to qualify, present, and close them.

Even before the Marketing Automation tools we have today, we were able to identify prospects with very effective Internet Marketing (PPC, SEO, Landing Pages/Tagging, and more) and drive those leads to CRM in real-time. And in many cases have our sales team contacted those prospects before they had time to investigate a competitor!

Working Together

From there, our marketing team was tasked to consistently supply the tools to our salespeople so they could effectively present our solution(s) to prospects, differentiate ourselves, and close on new business.

Our Sales Team was also tasked to provide the input back to Marketing on what they saw in the market, and what they needed to be more effective in CRM and their day-to-day selling. Two teams working together with the same objectives.

Consider speaking to me about a Woodshed Workshop, where we can bring your team together for a couple days and tear down the silos that may divide your departments and possibly holding you back from monetizing your brand. Contact Jeff while you are here today!


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