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Effective Sales Management – What Is It?

Quite often I get asked, “what is effective sales management’?

It’s a complex answer, but also a simple one. There are dozens of variables when it comes to Sales Management, but here are a number to consider when deploying a VP of Sales, CSO (Chief Sales Officer), or Sales Manager:

Sales Team

It starts here. Did you hire a salesperson who actually has that selling hunger mentality, and is driven by closing and collecting commission checks? There are many types of personalities in sellers, but you’ve got to hire the ones that enjoy “closing”.

I believe that less than 2% of the workforce are true, hungry salespeople who just love selling. They know their pipeline and they know the lifestyle they want to live.

Over the years I’ve laughed with my good friend Sean who worked with me at Clear Channel Communications. Sellers used to stop by his office to ask him if he wanted to go to lunch with them. He would always tell them no, that he was busy selling and didn’t have time to go to lunch with someone who wasn’t filling his pipeline.

Out of 58 sellers on the floor, there were about 6-8 of us making six figures. You get it.

If a sales manager is trying to motivate and inspire a salesperson who is not, deep down a “seller”, you’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. Personality TEST your potential sellers ahead of time and try and avoid wasting months on a salesperson who is not a seller.

Tools, Training, Technique

The best sales managers, VP Sales, CRO’s etc. are consistently creating and deploying the sales tools that will help their sales teams to be effective. Here are some of the sales tools to perfect to be effective:

  • Voice Mail Scripts
  • Phone Etiquette
  • E-Mail Scripts and Signatures
  • Landing Pages
  • PDF Overviews
  • Well-Written LinkedIn Accounts
  • 10/20/30 (Guy Kawasaki) Presentation Decks

Those are the heavy hitters but the most important is a CRM tool that has been configured for each salesperson. This allows the salesperson to be ready to present their pipeline in sales meetings every two weeks.

Setting realistic and achievable expectations and working with each individual seller is essential for Sales Management. I remember flying across the country to one of our salesperson’s homes and sitting with him for almost three days, every day, working in CRM with the tools we created together. On the last day, he realized the “power of pipeline” and is now a top 5 salesperson in a Fortune 100 company.

It is essential as sales managers to build a high performing sales program that provides subject matter, expertise, and solution consulting to support sales efforts and accelerate sales wins. Aligning these essential skills with continual marketing support helps augment the sales process through Marketing Automation and CRM.


Much like a coach of a sports team, salespeople need to like and respect their sales manager as a person and a leader. It is essential to know each other and what the parameters and expectations are of each other ahead of time.

I have always gone out of my way to help others, but also let them know the level of expectation. Utilizing a sports analogy, you can grab a face mask and let someone know they are not performing on the field, and still be respected as a leader in sales management. It’s the winning (closes) that matter, and it’s just simply the best to help salespeople close (win)!

I have seen SO many companies hire salespeople, give them no help at all, and expect them to make hundreds of calls with no scripts, no CRM, no training, no tools, no help with their own, individual selling techniques.

I believe the reason why many salespeople fail is they have ineffective sales management. The best sales managers foster a high-performance culture within the sales team, emphasizing collaboration, customer-centric approaches, and accountability.

If you are seeking assistance with your sales management Schedule A Consultation. I’d enjoy learning more about your sales efforts and your sales team!


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