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SaaS Sales 101: Selling Techniques

The game has changed but the SaaS sales (selling) techniques are still very similar today. Before SaaS was even defined, I was a part of a very strong Senior Management Team of an ISP. That was back when we could surf the Internet at the incredible speed of 56K! Ha!

Just after ISDN and T1 Internet speeds came into play, we were fortunate to have a proactive investment group. They funded the building and growth of a Managed Hosting Center. This was SaaS back when that word was not even an embryo in the tech world!

We bought boxes (computers), configured them, set them up on our redundant pipeline, and sold the rental of those computers. Their access to our pipe was on an 18, 24, and 36-month contract basis.

Our team was an enterprise-level of 5 salesmen. We were passionate about filling that data center with customers. Our investment group demanded it. We were utilizing Sales 101 selling skills 12 hours a day. Can you believe we sold out that space in less than 19 months. Then had to build out another new complex, quickly!

SaaS Sales Techniques

The selling techniques we used for SaaS sales back then are still the same as we use today.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

We decided we were going to differentiate ourselves as a group of dedicated and committed sales professionals. We focused COMPLETELY on the ROI our clients would get by utilizing our services. Our prospects heard that in every call, email, and meeting. They bought from us because they simply liked us better.

Pre-Qual Presentation

We did many, many on-site presentations, phone conversations, and visits to prospect offices. This is where our goal was to listen and gather data on what they were looking to accomplish. From there, much like a physician, we created presentation packages that outlined their pain, and how we could treat it. Our professionalism told our prospects we didn’t take earning their business for granted.


We researched other providers, vendors, and resources. We understood our niche as a fair-priced provider who was consistently taking the pulse of our clients. By doing this, we make sure that they were getting the most out of their monthly services. The companies were happy because they were achieving a return-on-investment (ROI). We were after recurring revenue valuation as most SaaS companies are from the get-go. It was a win-win for us! Happy clients who had long-term contracts which gave us the long-term valuation.

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