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CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) or a CGO (Chief Growth Officer)?

CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) or a CGO (Chief Growth Officer)?

The need for sales and revenue generation oversight in many organizations has created new opportunities for Chief Revenue Officers (CRO) and Chief Growth Officers (CGO) in numerous industries.

So, what is the difference between a CRO and a CGO?

The CRO/CGO’s role is generally about creating and executing a profitable revenue strategy that the Sales and Marketing teams will support in a coordinated alignment.

While both roles have growth and revenue-oriented responsibilities, a Fractional CGO usually takes a broader, more holistic approach to drive overall company growth.

Whereas a CRO generally focuses on revenue generation and sales effectiveness within the sales team(s).

This CRO role emerged over time, as many companies started to recognize the need for a unified approach to their revenue-generating operations.

The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is generally dedicated to driving revenue growth through revenue strategy development, aligning sales and marketing efforts (and removing silos), overseeing sales performance and operations, setting pricing strategies, exploring additional sales and business development opportunities, and managing financial aspects related to revenue.

A CGO generally oversees long-term growth strategy by also removing silos between the Marketing and Sales departments and defining/re-defining growth through effective Marketing and Sales strategies.

The Chief Growth Officer (CGO) is also generally responsible for driving overall business growth, including revenue and sales growth, customer acquisition, market expansion, establishing strategic partnerships, and identifying new business opportunities/markets for the organization.

Both Chief Growth Officers and Chief Revenue Officers have similar skill sets so they should easily be able to transition between one of these roles.

I have been fortunate to have held both titles of CGO and CRO in my career from a fractional perspective, and my duties were generally the same.

Overall, the strategic growth mindset, data-driven decision-making skills, and strong, revenue-focused leadership required to perform in either one of these roles successfully, are transferable across these two roles.


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