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Sales & CRM Training 101: Hard Work Pays Off

It was a few years ago when I was speaking to a group of young professionals about Sales and CRM at a Digital Media conference. While there, I was approached by a gentleman who asked me to “turn him into the greatest salesperson ever”!

I told him I couldn't do that (it would be him who could), but I loved his gumption and passion to be a great seller, and I was able to sign a three-month sales consulting agreement with his company.

Within less than 2 days, I approached his management team and told them he did not have what it would take to be a great seller, and that they should let him go. That was very hard for me, but I knew it was the right thing to do because this very spunky young gentleman was a nice kid. But he simply did not have the attention span and the mechanics to be a great seller. There seemed to always be something else but sales running through his mind.

Grit and Grind

Let’s face it, selling is hard work. CRM is hard work. Tracking a sale for 6-9 months is hard work. Consistently working on your craft like an athlete is hard work. These things are simply not something everyone has the passion and attention span for.

I would say that less than 2% of the workforce are true sellers. Hungry salespeople, who understand that grinding out leads daily is what it takes to build a pipeline, and knowingly know they are eventually only going to close on a small percentage on.

Years later, I hired another salesperson who had the same passion for being a great seller, and I taught him how to consistently build his pipeline with sales and CRM training. Every day I watched and helped him grind out leads by making phone calls, leaving voicemails, sending out follow-up emails, sending intro cards and business cards via USPS, and consistently researching prospects across the Internet and other data sources.

2 months later (on a Friday of course), he got two calls and two opportunities to make a sale. We closed them both together that afternoon and we surely enjoyed happy hour together.

The Pay Off

On Monday morning at 8am, he was at his desk trying to repeat what he accomplished the prior business day. He went on to do well over 1mil in recurring revenue sales and took home some very impressive commission checks. He was very inspiring to me because as a coach, you want your players to succeed on the field. And he did.

Sales 101: Prospect, Qualify, Present, Close, Service (Substantiate) is a simple process. It’s the work that’s hard, and it takes a mindset much like a fisherman. Get the right equipment, the best bait, identify where the fish are, and go out and work hard to catch them and get them in the boat.

Consider Contacting Jeff while you are here today, and let’s talk about what your sales team may need to help them passionately go out and close more deals!


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