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Leadership "Woodshed" Workshops!

Hello, my name is Jeffrey Bosworth, and I’m a Sales Trainer, Operations Consultant and Motivational Speaker.

I developed the concept of the Corporate Woodshed many years ago, but it all started when I was just a child.

The premise of The Woodshed came from my father, who told us children to go into the shed and work out our problems, and be sure to come out with them solved.

Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t like his intervention.

Needless to say, we normally figured everything out pretty quickly.

Years later, as a Senior Manager, I took the Woodshed concept to a number of firms I was employed with, and they were always extremely successful in:

  • Breaking down the walls of communication between people and departments.
  • Allowing business associates to voice their opinions in an open forum.
  • And collectively, creating a solid plan in moving forward together to grow revenue, and the business.

And currently, I have completed dozens of Corporate Woodshed Events, and all of them have produced a return on investment for our clients.

So consider holding a Woodshed Event with us, I’m confident we will:

  • Help you create a clear path toward revenue growth with every member of your team.
  • Create accountability and productivity with your staff that may not exist or needs to increase.
  • Help you increase the amount of proactive communication between departments and be sure everyone knows their role in growing your organization.

We love our Woodshed Events and thank you for stopping by today.

Get your event started today by contacting me!

Get out of the red, get in The Woodshed!


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