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The Super Bowl of Sales- Marketing Automation, CRM, & REVENUE!

I have been fortunate to have been able to attend numerous Marketing Automation and CRM events and trade shows over the years (Salesforce’s DreamForce continually amazes me). Each event has had huge value to me, there is always something to learn and absorb.

The ability to connect and automate these software tools is as simplistic as it has ever been. Every year there is a new CRM, a new Marketing Automation product, and now Data, AI, and Identity Resolution are literally telling us when someone is interested (or at least kicking a tire) in the products/services we market/sell.

When set up and deployed correctly, a Marketing & Sales Team can literally observe and keep track of a buyer’s journey. When Marketing “assets” are deployed correctly with tags and scripts, that data can be channeled directly into CRM letting your enterprise-level sales team know of a prospect’s level of interest.

This is where Marketing augments the Sales process.

Marketing exists to create “conversions”. Sales exists to create “closes”, and revenue. And when they work together like a champion team, it’s fun to win on the business playing field.

The absolute most fun I’ve ever had in the workplace is working with a team of professionals tasked to monetize a brand. Whether I was brough in as a Fractional CMO, Fractional VP Sales, Chief Growth Officer, Sales Trainer, and/or Sales Trainer, the goal was always the same. Drive leads to salespeople and let’s go close them.

Salespeople yearn for tools, training, and technique (voice/e-mail scripts, landing pages, CRM training, sales decks, PDF’s and much more). They truly want guidance, and a Selling Coach who believes in them, but also holds them accountable for their work on the field in CRM.

Passionate Marketing people want to see the fruits of their labor come to fruition. They want to build and deploy campaigns that are successful in helping their salespeople be successful. They also want and need guidance on what sales tools their offensive (sales) team needs.

Many times, Marketing and Sales exist in departmental silos. The most proactive companies work together to tear those silos down and create a systematic plan to drive recurring revenue with Marketing augmenting Sales.

The Super Bowl is February 11th, 2024. Only one team will WIN. But 31 other teams started the season thinking they were going to be champions.

Pull your team together and examine your 2024 Marketing, Sales, & Revenue plan. You just might WIN the 2025 Super Bowl of business in your industry!


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